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The foremost and even today the supreme prepress house, Process Color, ventured out to  offset    printing   through   Jaann Offset   Printing  (P)  Ltd. ;   which  is  now  one  of  the  leading, quality  printing   houses. After  creating an unbeatable track record and gaining the confidence of its customers, Process Color launched Ignetta Holographic Pvt.Ltd.
                Reputed  as  one of  the most  trusted  hologram  manufacturers in India, Ignetta Holographic,  is   surging  ahead  to  conquer new  heights, widening  its horizon, posing a threat to competitors. We are in   the forefront  in Indian market, having a cutting edge technology which matches no parallels. To integrate  a security hologram system is  a  foresighted  and  good  economic choice. It is a decision  that  ensures     only   genuine products and goods are being sold and purchased.
               In the untapped vast Indian market where forgeries and counterfeits are in plenty, holograms are   rapidly  becoming  the one  and  only  cost  effective  method  for  protection  against  counterfeits. Ignetta   holographic has added this unique technology into its production process in 2001. It is a golden feather   in our cap.   The first and stil the finest prepress house in Kerala, Process Color, Kochi, was established in  1989. This highly reputed company under the inspiring leadership of  Mr.T.M. Rajan branched out to offset  printing in 2000  through Jann Offset Printing(P) Ltd., which is now one among the leading quality printing  houses in Kerala.
                      In 2001, Process Color ventured into hologram production and became a name to reckon with  in high security hologram  manufacturing. The company’s Trivatrum unit  is  situated  in  the  premises of  C-DIT, a  Kerala Government  institution  for  imaging  technology. From there, Process Color caters to the  hologram requirements of various departments of the state Government. The company also has some of  South India’s leading corporate houses decorating its clientele
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Mr. Rajan sharing a lighter moment  with Dr.Yuri  N. Denisyuk, the Father of White light holography.

Mr. T.M.Rajan, Proprietor of Processcolor, After his meritorious service from IAF, migrated to USA, He is a graduate in printing Technology and has acquire knowledge in Holography during his 20 years service in USA, In 1989 he returned to kerala and started Process Color at Cochin. It is still rated as the finest and complete pre-press House in the state. Soon he Floated another company Jaan Offset Printing, one of the finest quality printing press in kerala and gradualy opened branches of Process Color at various startegic centre like Calicut, Trivendrum and Kottayam, In the Year 2002, in association with C_DIT- a Goverment of Kerala Institution, process color Hologram was commenced at trivendrum for high security hologram manufacturing. Mr. T.M. Rajan in serving as General Council member of All India Federation of Master Printers, Office Bearer of a Number of Social and Induatrial Forums and is a well Known Holographer too.