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Security Features

1. Penetrated Serial Numbering


This is a special features donot allow the counterfeiters to tamper the serial numbering of the certificates as it cannot be scratched out


2. Manual Embossing Die


A Mannual Embossing Die of the Logo or Emblemeds embossed on the Certificates


3. Optical variable ink Mark


The text and image printed in this ink will give different color shade in diff direction


4. Pantograph security Features


This a spcial strip printing with some guillecho patterns but when some one copied it through color xerox, scanner or photo graphed it automaticaly shows COPY or VOID to mark as a Duplicated


5. High Security Dot Matrix Hologram


By Affixing High Security Dot Matrix Hologram with the multiple security features will give not only added advantage to the certificates. its Protects from duplicators, as it cannot be reproduces once again with out masters.


6. Microline printing


These are the line in general views looks like a line , but when viewed through Microscope its shows micro code


7. Complex Geometry


This are high resolution guillcho patterns drawn in complex mathematical geometry and can not be redrawn as it is in original


8 Holographic Transparent Laminates


This a transparent strip with holographic embossing laminates on the valuable information and on the signature to protect counterfeiting

9. Opaque text


These are tinted color mark but when viewed through a special polaroid film mscanner its reflects the hidden code written on the tinted color


10. UV prints


The logo and text printed by using uv inks which is only visible through UV light only



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