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  • 2D/3D HOLOGRAMS are generated from conventional line artwork and give spatial effects with a vibrant colour change. 2D/3D holograms can be produced with two or three levels of depth and are ideal for corporate identity items, brand logos, slogans and symbols, and digitally-created illustrations
  • 3D HOLOGRAMS: Laser-originated from models, still-life objects or living subjects, they give full-depth renderings of products, popular icons (e.g. cartoon characters and religious figures), symbols, logos, campaign mascots, rare artifacts, and small technical parts
  • DOT MATRIX HOLOGRAM: The holographic image is made up of a series of dots or pixels. Each pixel or dot can diffract coloured light at a different angle. The image seems to be kinetic as it is moved and different regions of the image are illuminated. This is probably the fastest growing commercial use of holography today. The images made with this technique can be seen in any lighting conditions. Multi-layered and 3-dimensional effects are now possible.
  • STEREOGRAM: Created from a film or video sequence, these animation holograms show full-colour, depth, and movement of living things, sceneries, computer-generated graphics or technical processes.


  • Tamper Evident,tamper proof & pressure-sensitive self-adhesive (or without adhesive) metalised & laminated polyester film (23-50 microns) or foil labels supplied in the form of pre cut sizes/shape in sheet or roll form. It’s a perfect marking, which self-destructs on being removed.
  • Tamper Resistant Label for automatic in line application.
  • Hot Stamping Foil for marking onto paper labels, board, plastic caps, documents, licenses, certificates, etc. - with different adhesives
  • Induction Wads with hologram for authenticity & tamper resistance.
  • Holographic Aluminum Foil: Ultimate in tamper resistance packaging for the pharma industry.
  • Shrink Sleeve: Tamper resistant shrink sleeve with holographic stripe.

HOLOGRAPHIC PACKAGING (in roll/ pouch form in multi-layers)

  • Holographic Film - for printing/ lamination and other flexible packaging applications - in a striking range of uniform repeating patterns in different weights & gauges
  • Paper & Board - from ultra light 15gsm to 220gsm board, supplied in rolls or sheeted, with or without adhesive
  • Polypropylene - in several gauges and widths, heat - seal grade, single/ sandwich layer lamination
  • Polyester - from 12 micron for lamination to 50 micron for wet-glue and self-adhesive labels, twist wrap, ridged or flexible packaging, gift-wrap and display applications - pre-treated for easy handling and supplied in custom originated patterned and designs.
  • Aluminum Foil.


  • for advertising & sales or brand promotion
  • as give-away in trade fairs,
  • on magazine/ brochure cover, and greeting cards etc.
  • as mementoes/ keepsakes/ tokens,
  • multi-coloured 3-dimensional images of gods/ goddesses/ deities, places of worship, monuments/ palaces/ edifices/ structures/ buildings of historical or archaeological importance
  • Full-colour holograms on plate glass as exquisite exhibition pieces and presentation plaques.




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