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Laser Numbering and Barcode in Holograms

We offer Laser numbered holograms/Holograms with Laser numbering/Serial numbered/Laser serial numbering with holograms

Variable Information like alphanumeric sequential numbering on holograms significantly enhances security and provides ease of material tracking. Every single hologram could actually be unique!
Some suggested forms of Variable information on holograms may be:
· Multi Digit Sequential Numbering
· Promotional Catch Lines
· Company Logos
· Batch Number
· Date Of Manufacturing

Such variable information can be tamper proof or even invisible under normal viewing condition.
All such variable Marking is done in-house on our

Laser Marking System: A high powered Laser beam is used to selectively remove the thin metal layers from the hologram. Effectively, the hologram gets de-metalized at the point where the Laser strikes the surface. Any information thus 'written' on the hologram is now tamper proof. The variable information always appears in the colour of the surface on which the hologram is affixed, thus lending greater security.

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