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Scratch off Hologram

Scratch hologram is widely used to cover Pin codes for the banking , mobile cards, discount coupons, password, etc on mobile card, member shipment card, lottery, ticket, bank document, etc, for high security purposes. The hologram image improves security ability of scratch coating greatly instead of normal scratch coating which is used for mobile cash cards or gift coupons usually.
We produce both hot stamping foil scratch hologram and scratch hologram sticker(label). We can make customized design Scratch Off Hologram with your company name, logo as well as general design hologram scratch. The design of hologram are available as standard or to be a special custom hologram unique to customer. Please visit Hologram Artwork Design.


Scratch Holograms

Because of the homogenous appearance of most embossed scratch holograms it becomes imperative to incorporate machine readable elements in any holographic security system. Holograms with scratch coating utilize the latest technologies and techniques, thus making it virtually impossible for counterfeiters to create fake products or forge documents

Also known as scratch cards, these holograms with scratch coating make use of the latest techniques in manufacturing, thus making it impossible for counterfeiters to create fake products or forge documents. These holograms add more value to your promotions and security. Our designs of scratch hologram is available as standard or a special custom hologram unique to customer.


We offer a range of high quality holographic scratch to protect scratch off plastic cards, telephone cards, recharge vouchers, and lottery cards. These are widely used today by industries for promotional and security purposes. Scratch hologram are used instead of the usual gray latex scratch-off panels on discount coupons, recharge vouchers and telephone top-up cards. In other words, holograms are used to hide sensitive data like codes and numbers by adding a coat of holographic material on the surface. By incorporating holograms onto the scratch surface, the cards are made more secure.


We constantly endeavor to innovate and experiment with designs to produce fascinating and attractive holographic products for our clients, keeping the end application in mind. Keeping in touch with the latest trends our talented designers produce latest and innovative designs in every product segment




  • Easy and clean scratch with opaque appearance
  • Authentication
  • Multiple security features
  • Protection against alteration and duplication



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