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Tamper Evident Hologram

Tamper evident hologram offered by us has unique feature that once affixed at the required place, any attempt to reuse it will lead to its destruction. Some of tamper evident hologram are very brittle and are self destructed when tampered with. Thus tamper evident hologram prevents swapping of stickers or labels. While in some case it leaves behind a residue or sticky substance after they are peeled away. Common messages like "OPENED", "VOID" and checkerboard patterns appear at the desired place. Some of our tamper evident hologram stickers are featured with changing color if they are peeled away.

Ttwo types of self-destructive hologram, as follows:

* Full release hologram: When peeled, the outer layer of film will come off while the hologram remains intact on the surface.

* Partial release hologram: When peeled, one part of the hologram will come off together with the outer layer of film, while another part remains intact on the surface. In some cases, the part left resembles a honeycomb-like structure.




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