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Counterfeit Menance and Protection

counterfeit menance

Counterfeit menance

Recent market review reveals that forgery is widespread andthemanufacturers and buyers across the world are equally robbed by counterfeits and duplicates. The Annual DOPIP global counterfeit monitor report alone accounts for a loss of 2OO billion US dollars lastyear. Intelligence reports gathered from Law enforcement, customs, Nodal agencies, Brand owners etc also agree with this figure. Now the world has widely accepted the Science of Holography and mainly depends on security holograms to effectively check and prevent unauthorized man ufacturing, sales ordistribution ofcounterfeit products , copyrightand Trade mark inflringements,forging of documents etc.

Growing importance of protection against brand piracy . Everything is forged nowadays, from cosmetic & luxury goods to medicines and even vehicle spare parts. In Information Technologyalone, one in everyten software products is forgeryand this costs over I 0,000 jobs. It is impossible to measure the personal harm to people who take counter-feit medicines. This makes the issue of piracy protection particularly important in the pharmaceuticaIs industry, especiaIly if products are intended for export. Recently Pakistaniauthorities tipped bythe US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBl) busted a I5 member gang that printed a high quality counterfeit bank notes including foreign currency. Thenational exchequer suffered a loss of 30 to 35 billionrupees(more than 500 million USdollars) due to the illegal activities of the EanE. The group that operated in a number of major cities ofthe countryhad printed and used Pakistaniand lndian Rupees, US dollars, British pounds and UAE dirhams worth billions overthe pastsevenyears. Now I 7 countries in the world is using Hologram on their currencies to prevent counte rfeiting.

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